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by Jayne Dooley V Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

Why Ninety Nines flying school?

Ninety Nines Flying School is a dedicated flying training organization catering for the private, commercial and airline sectors. Making the decision to become a pilot with Ninety Nines Flying School, is a life-changing decision towards an exciting and rewarding career. We will help you secure your dream.

What is the Flying School?

Welcome to The Flying School, northern Colorado's leading flight school. Operating out of Loveland, CO since 1996, we provide a superior aviation education experience in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Why choose our flight school instructors?

Our flight school instructors are hand-picked for their vast experience and range of teaching styles, assuring each student the best possible partnership. We have both full time and part time instructors who can accommodate almost any schedule and pace of learning.


Where did the Ninety Nines originate?

Ninety Nines has a long history with its origin in the United States of America where a group of 99 women who were pilots joined to form the Ninety Nines Flying Club. Ninety Nines, East Africa section was born when one of the members from the Ninety Nines USA, Denise Morchand, decided to relocate to East Africa, specifically Nairobi, Kenya in 1975. Ninety Nines, East Africa existed as a social members only Aviation Club. Club activities included training the Private Pilot’s Licence and self hiring of aircraft. In 1998, Denise Morchand decided to go back to her home country and sold off the club to its current management. The organization continues to hold on to the Ninety Nines mantle but has since concentrated fully on training of flying enthusiasts from the PPL training through to the CPL and MEIR training.

Does Ninety Nines provide accommodation?

Ninety Nines does not provide accommodation. However we may avail on request a list of hostels which are located within the vicinity (walking distance) of the Wilson Airport, where we are based.

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