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by Erna Berge Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

What is the interview process like at Abbotsford PS?

At Abbotsford PS, all students in K-6 have the opportunity to participate in a three-way conference with their parent/s & teacher at the end of Term 1. Interview times are booked through Sentral.

Why choose Abbotsford School?

Confident, inquisitive and successful children make up Abbotsford School with excellent results regularly achieved by our pupils.

Is there a Student Representative Council at Abbotsford Public School?

Please enjoy a short video from our Student Representative Council as they welcome you to Abbotsford Public School and show you around our school. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

How do I get more information about the parent portal?

For more information about the Parent Portal, contact the Counseling Office at 209-6233, or the Technology and Information Services office at 209-6330.


Sentral for Parents App

The Sentral for Parents app is designed to help you monitor your child’s school journey simply and efficiently. There’s plenty of smart features to help streamline your day by keeping communication lines between parents and teachers open, timely and on-going.

Parents Portal

The Sentral Parent Portal provides a comprehensive online desktop environment for parents to keep in touch with their children’s life at school. It is the backbone of the Sentral for Parents mobile app.

Download the Sentral for Parents app

The Sentral for Parents app allows you to monitor your child’s school journey simply and efficiently. You will find numerous smart features that help streamline your day. Receive messages and notifications from teachers, report absences, make payments for school activities and more.

Sentral for Parents app features

Receive newsfeed and daily notices about important events that relate to your child.

See how Sentral has helped schools across Australia

"Sentral was the right choice to move with the times and adoptan efficient cloud-based student management platform. The high-speed cloud infrastructure is easily scaled up or down to meet demand at no cost... I was able to empower teachers with the knowledge that it is really easy to use."

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal allows you to monitor your child’s school journey simply and efficiently from any device. The portal is browser-based so will work on any device that has an internet browser.

Parent portal features

Send instant push notifications to parents to notify them of a new message from school.

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