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by Jordan Kub Published 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago

How to contact CUSD tech support?

If you are still unable to locate the authorization code email, please contact the CUSD Technology Help Desk at 209-754-2346.

What is the escape in Calaveras County?

Escape is the Calaveras County School’s Accounting and Payroll software. The Escape Online Employee Portal (“Portal”) is a secure website that allows employees to access important Personnel and Payroll information. From their desks or on the go, employees now have the ability to login and get the information they need. Employees can now view parts of their employee record, such as demographic information and leave balances. In some cases, employees will have the ability to update important Personnel and Payroll information, such as withholding instructions.

How to create a password for Calaveras?

Enter your email address *, first and last name as displayed on your paycheck, date of birth, last four digits of SSN, home or mobile phone, nd create a password . The minimum password requirements are as follows: One upper case letter, one lower case letter, one numeric character, one special character, and a minimum of 8 characters total. Note: we recommend using a password that is unique to the employee portal. This password is not connected to your district password, nor can it be retrieved by district or county staff.

What to do if you get locked out on CCOe?

If you receive a "Locked Out" message, check your email for the account registered with the Escape Employee Portal (usually work email). You should receive an email from that will tell you when you can try accessing the employee portal again. You will be required to reset your password at that time.

How to verify employee records in CUSD?

To verify your employee record on file, please contact the CUSD Human Resources Department at 209-754-2302; or visit our office during regular business hours, 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

How long does it take to get a confirmation key for Escape?

You will need to enter the Confirmation Key into the Confirm User Setup Change field below within 5 minutes, or you will be timed out and forced to start over.

Is CCOE safe?

Yes. The CCOE Technology Department in partnership with Escape Technology has implemented multiple layers of security to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

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