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by Veronica Heaney Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

Where can I find Parent Handbook in Chatham County?

Parent Handbook Use the left column on this page to access various parent resources. Southern Boulevard School 192 Southern Boulevard Chatham, NJ 07928 973-457-2509 (fax) Site Map Principal Kathleen O'Connor

Where can I find additional resources for new residents of Chatham County?

If you're new to Chatham County Schools, you may want to visit our "New to Chatham?" website for additional resources specific to new residents. Chatham County School district believes strongly in the school and home partnership to ensuring student success.

What is the parent verification process for the parent portal?

Parents are asked to complete a parent verification process before accessing their student's grade and schedule information via the Parent Portal. This is a one-time process and will need only to be completed in subsequent years if families enroll new students within Chatham County Schools.

How do I contact Chatham-NJ student support?

Emily Sortino, Ed.D. Asst. Supt. of Student Support Svcs. 973-457-2502 Anonymously Report Acts of School Violence, Suicide, and Police Matters Get the free app today! CONNECT WITH US tify Register for school district alerts and notifications for free by clicking here. Essential Intent


What is Parent Portal in Chatham County?

The Parent Portal is a part of the state mandated PowerSchool system that manages student information and grades for all students throughout the state of North Carolina.

What is parent verification?

The parent verification process helps to ensure the safety and security of all student grade and class schedule information as required by federal law. The parent verification process requires three steps: Parents are invited to download, and complete, the parent verification form. See below.

Do parents need to provide ID to school?

Parents will need to present some form of identification at each school to ensure the safety and security of student information. For parents who are unwilling, or unable, to provide photo identification an option to have a Notary Public notarize the verification form has been made available.

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