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by Mr. Evans Zieme I Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

How do I apply for employment with Cherokee County School District?

To apply for employment with the Cherokee County School District, or to view current job opportunities, please visit the online application website: Applicants should have ready a minimum of 3 professional contacts/names and email addresses for the required electronic references. Include your most recent supervisor or employer.

Why Cherokee County school system?

The Cherokee County School System educates, inspires, and empowers students to make positive contributions to society. The Cherokee County School System will provide a safe and supportive environment where students can develop the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills necessary to be ready for the future.

How do I apply for a substitute position in Cherokee County?

For applicants with an out-of-state certificate, college experience, or a high school diploma/GED, attendance at a Cherokee County School District Substitute Training Workshop is required prior to approval for substitute positions. All pre-employment processes apply, including the Georgia Criminal History Record Inquiry and fingerprinting.

What are Cherokee County School Board’s 2022 Legislative partnership priorities?

The Cherokee County School Board on Thursday, Nov. 18, approved its 2022 Legislative Partnership Priorities, which advocate for continued local control of public education decisions and the end of State educational funding budget cuts. Meet a CCSD 2021 Volunteer of the Year: Jacob Carnes of Sequoyah HS!


How much does it cost to get fingerprinted in Cherokee County?

Upon offer of a position, applicants are required to be fingerprinted by the Cherokee County School District Police Department at an applicant cost of $45.00 (cash or check only). For interviews and fingerprinting, visit:

What is CCSD application?

CCSD uses a paperless, online application process for prospective employees — Applicant Tracking. This system allows you to complete both classified and certified applications for multiple job categories in one process. You must attach electronic files as listed below for appropriate positions for which you apply.

Does Cherokee County School District require pre-employment screening?

The application and all requested information (including the Consent to Criminal History Record Inquiry and three completed references) must be submitted via Cherokee County School District Applicant Tracking. Pre-employment screening interviews are required. Additionally, all applicants are required to read and acknowledge critical School District policies, procedures and other training as required by state and/or federal law ( Critical Issues ). Completion of a screening interview does not guarantee selection for a specific position.

What is the visitor management system in Cherokee County?

This system has been put in place as an additional security measure for our students and staff members. When visitors arrive on campus, they must present their driver's license to visit students at school or to check-out students from school. Additionally, visitors will have their picture taken and a unique badge printed for them to wear while on campus. Please note that parents, guardians, or anyone on a students' approved check-out list must present their driver's license or another form of a photo ID in order to check-out students. We appreciate your efforts as we work to implement new security measures in our schools.

Does Cherokee County School use PowerSchool?

Cherokee County Schools now utilizes PowerSchool, an online system for registering and updating student information. This solution eliminates the need to complete paper packets and creates an efficient means for updating information year after year. All required documents must be reviewed and approved before your child’s registration is considered complete.

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