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by Prof. Matteo Brekke Published 1 year ago Updated 6 months ago

What is the Fairport Parent Portal?

The Fairport Parent Portal is a parent communication piece that provides parents with the opportunity to interact with their student's school online. Available tools include the SchoolTool Student Information System, which includes contact information, student schedules, and report card/progress report grades.

Why Fairport Central School District?

With 5,900 students enrolled in Fairport Central School District, we are recognized for our educational vision and student-centered philosophy. High academic standards and a strong commitment to excellence can be seen in each of our schools where caring faculty and staff focus on helping students develop their potential.

What are the elementary schools in Fairport?

Our four elementary schools include Brooks Hill, Dudley, Jefferson Avenue, and Northside . Johanna Perrin and Martha Brown Middle Schools serve grades 6-8. 9th grade students attend school at Minerva DeLand and continue to Fairport High School for grades 10-12.


When will Fairport Central School District retire?

June 25, 2021. The Fairport Central School District has more than 30 retiring staff for the 2020-21 school year. The District thanks all of its retirees for their service and dedication to the Fairport school community.

When is Fairport High School construction 2021?

July 13, 2021. Crews were hard at work the week of July 6 at Fairport High School as construction continues on the 2019 voter-approved Fairport Forward Capital Improvement Project.

Who is the music teacher at Fairport High School?

Fairport High School (FHS) Music Teacher Bill Tiberio has been teaching students of all ages in Fairport for more than three decades. You’ll see him everywhere; from directing the orchestra in the pit for the FHS musicals and giving one-on-one instruction on woodwind instruments to conducting jazz ensembles at FHS and at area colleges.

When is Fairport Forward 2021?

July 8, 2021. Work on the 2019 voter-approved Fairport Forward Capital Improvement Project is well underway at Fairport High School (FHS). During the week of June 28, crews with Campus Construction and Labella Associates began removing kitchen equipment and moving it to the gymnasium for temporary storage.

Does my student have access to Schooltool?

Students in grades 6-12 have access to SchoolTool, which allows them to acces s their schedules, progress and report card information, and individual teacher assignment grades for participating teachers. The District has used SchoolTool since the 2006-07 school year as its student information and management system (SIS).

How do I view student information from the Schooltool homepage?

When you log in, you will see the homepage. This page contains a list of your students in the system.

How do I view my student's report card?

Click on the "person" icon next to the child you would like to view and wait for the screen to reload.

Why does nothing happen when I click the printer icon?

A popup blocker is restricting the report card from running. This is a common issue with the Safari browser. Turn off popup blockers or look near your address bar for an icon indicating that the action was blocked. If you click that icon, you can typically override thi s.

Why does a blank window come up when I click on the printer icon?

Report cards require a PDF viewer in order to view. We recommend using Adobe Reader to view PDFs. Once installed, run the report card again and it should load properly.

Why don't I see a printer icon to click on?

The printer icon will only display on the full version of schooltool and when report cards are released. If you are on the full site (not the mobile version) and you still do not see the icon, either the report cards have not yet been published to parents or your drop down selections are not on the correct marking period or school year.

Why are some of the street addresses underlined but not others?

An address is underlined if it is the address where the student resides.

What is Fairport Senior High School?

News & World Report. The publication released its high school rankings last month. Fairport was ranked #1,227 in the nation, placing it in the top 40% of schools identified by the magazine,

When will Fairport schools return to full time?

Superintendent Provenzano sent the following message to all families with children in grades K-12 at Fairport schools, April 10, regarding the return to full-time instruction beginning April 19 after the NYSDOH updated its guidance on April 9, 2021.

When is Fairport School District meeting 2021?

The Fairport Central School District Board of Education (BOE) will hold a special meeting on Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 8 p.m. to discuss Fairport’s mask and face covering policy. The meeting is open to the public and will be held virtually via YouTube LIVE.

Who is the principal of Dudley School?

Jamie Naple, of Victor, was appointed as Dudley School’s next principal at the April 20, 2021 Board of Education meeting, beginning July 1, 2021. She will replace Karen Fingar, who is retiring at the end of June.

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