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by Dr. Cielo Hagenes DVM Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

What is the Glencoe Silver Lake Campus Portal?

Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools has opened the Campus Portal to enhance communication between Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools and parents/students. Users of the Campus Portal will have access to the following information about their child (ren):

What is Glencoe Silver Lake ISD?

Glencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools ISD #2859 uses Campus SIS (Student Information System) to track students. Campus SIS has developed 'Campus Portal', a parent/student tool to allow parents or students to view school records via the internet. Glencoe-Silver Lake Publci Schools will provide currently enrolled students or the parents of currently enrolled students the privilege of access to the Campus Portal.#N#District #2859 reserves the right to deny access to the Campus Portal due to court orders or any other legal proceedings that limit availability of private educational data.

Is access to campus portal a right or privilege?

Access to the campus Portal on the school district computer system is a privilege, not a right. Users of the Campus Portal are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

What is the GSL Facts Management Company?

GSL uses the FACTS Management Company to help manage billing and collecting processes. Click here to visit the FACTS online login portal. GSL offers a Tuition Refund Plan option as a means to insure a family's annual financial obligations under the terms of the Enrollment Agreement.

Does the school offer financial aid for preschool?

FINANCIAL AID. Need-based financial aid is available for students in senior kindergarten through eighth grade. The school does not offer financial aid for preschool. Awards are made on an annual basis, and financial aid will only cover a portion of the tuition cost.

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