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by Gabriella Stracke Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

Campus Facebook page

Like our Facebook page to receive daily updates about variations to daily routines, our newsletter, and upcoming events.

Campus newsletter – Tumbi Talks

The campus newsletter is emailed out on a fortnightly basis. It is also published on this website. Please be sure that you receive this as it contains details of the many activities taking place at TLSC – Tumbi Umbi Campus.

Absence SMS

TLSC Tumbi Umbi Campus uses SMS to alert parents and carers to their child's absence. This works really well in ensuring that we all know where our students are and they are safe. Thanks for making sure your contact details are kept current so that contact can be quickly made.

Is learning from home open in Sydney?

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Is SRE allowed in Sydney?

Special Religious Education (SRE)/Special Education in Ethics (SEE) is not currently permitted in Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mo...

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