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by Eduardo Bins Published 1 year ago Updated 6 months ago

What is the Infinite Campus Campus Parent Portal?

West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Schools is pleased to offer the Infinite Campus Campus Parent Portal for parents and guardians of District 197 students. Through the portal, parents/guardians can access their student’s attendance information, grades, test scores, schedules and more through the Internet anytime, anywhere.

When will Infinite Campus come to Jersey City public school district?

Jersey City Public School District plans to go live with Infinite Campus in February 2012. Jersey City Public School District is the second largest school district in the state of New Jersey with over 27,000 students. It is home to McNair High School, one of the top twenty academically rated schools in the nation.

When will I be sent my login information for campus portal?

This information is used for verification purposes. Once this information is verified, you will be sent your login information in 48 to 72 hours. Once you have created your account you will be able to access Campus Portal from a browser or the mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.

How do I find West St Paul on the campus Parent Portal?

When you first open the Campus Parent Portal mobile app, in the field for District Name, type the word West and select Minnesota as the state. After you click Search District, select West St. Paul. You will then be prompted for your username and password on the next screen.


Leaving School Early – Partial Day Absence

If your student is leaving campus early for a planned appointment, they need to bring a note to the attendance office before school; otherwise it will be considered a period truancy.

Arriving at School Late –Partial Day Absence

If a student arrives late, he/she must bring a note to the attendance office and get an official pass to class.

Homework Drop-off and Deliveries

If your student forgets homework projects, PE clothes, lunch money, cell phones, etc., you may drop them off at the attendance office for your student to pick up. We don't interrupt class to deliver these items; your student must know to pick them up.

What is infinite campus?

Infinite Campus is a district-wide student information system designed to manage attendance, grades, schedules, test scores, and other information about the students in the MMSD.

What is the parent portal?

The Parent Portal is a confidential and secure Web site where you can get current information about your child's school attendance and grades.

Can a parent have a parent portal account?

Only parents and guardians designated with legal rights to student records may receive a Parent Portal account. Each parent/guardian with such rights receives their own separate account. Accounts are NOT shared among more than one parent/guardian within households, i.e., there are no "household" accounts in the Portal.

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