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by Ms. Keara Schowalter II Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

What is the KED program?

The web-based Learning Portal is the backbone of the KED Program . It contains state of the art learning resources developed by subject matter experts and is distributed around the participating network of schools.It is under continuous development and review as teachers contribute with new material and feedback.

Does ked have schoolwork or homework?

In the KED program we do not need to divide assignments into schoolwork or homework. You have work to do, and you can get it done in school, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection. KED Schools have work stations all around the school where students can access the Learning Portal.

What is the learning portal™?

The Learning Portal™ is the KED program’s collective and web-based source of wisdom. Students can find most of the learning material on the portal: the courses, the content, objectives and criteria for every step, assignments, texts, pictures, links and tests.

What is a work station in a KED school?

KED Schools have work stations all around the school where students can access the Learning Portal. The Wi-Fi network enables students to continue their work after and between lessons. Thus, learning is not an activity limited to the premises of a classroom.


The Learning Portal is one of its kind

The Learning Portal is the backbone of Kunskapsskolan’s learning program. Developed by a team of subject experts, the portal is a repository of content, resources, worksheet, interactive exercises, games and activities that support the students to achieve their learning goals.

Learning happens anywhere and at any time

Chaddha agrees that the board exams are something that her sons would have to get used to, because there will be a gradual shift in approach – while learning at their own pace to write tests and be graded. “The school handles this transition very well.

Children learn how to study, not what to study

Says Guneet Paintal, “Each class has a base group teacher (BGT) who stays with a class for approximately three years. The teacher knows the students thoroughly and the challenges each child has overcome. They take extra effort to rope in a child’s level of interest.”

Challenges ahead

Will the KED program have challenges ahead? Says Chaddha, “From a parent perspective, I sometimes worry that my children will find it difficult to adapt to a new system if we move.

What is a KED program?

The KED program focuses on personalised education, individualised goals and creates students who. take responsibility and ownership of their learning. This lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning as students develop the confidence that comes from setting high academic goals, consistently planning how to meet.

When was the Kunskapsskolan Educational Program created?

Kunskapsskolan Educational Program (KED) was conceptualized in 1999 in Sweden in a bid to meet this challenge.

What is the role of education in the world?

The EFA Global monitoring report published by UNESCO in 2005 focused on the quality of education and stated that the role of education is to encourage learner’s creative and emotional development, support the objective of peace citizenship and security, promote equality and pass global and local cultural values down to the future generation.

What is the importance of quality education?

Quality school education fosters the development of innate qualities in an individual and strives to synchronize the rhythm of an individual’s life with the rhythm of the society which forms the building block or foundation for personal growth.

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