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Why Northgate Sixth Form?

Why Northgate? The Sixth Form is a vibrant learning community, where every student is valued as an individual.

What is the Northgate Foundation?

The Northgate Foundation is a charity which provides financial assistance for educational purposes to young people under the age of 25 who either live or have attended school in in Ipswich or Westerfield and have a family household income below £23,000.

Why choose Northgate for your school?

The Northgate site is impressive, with purpose-built centres maintained and equipped to the highest standards to meet the expectations and demands of today's students, their parents, and the wide-ranging timetable we offer. We also cater for the needs of the community in that we have joint-use and shared Arts and Sports Centre facilities.

What are the Northgate values?

These values are fundamental to the calm and positive learning environment that we strive to achieve at all levels across the school. Northgate has high expectations – not only around securing academic success and appropriate onward pathways for our students, but in maintaining good discipline and behaviour.



Telephone line for parents or guardians to notify school of pupil or student absence and details of our Attendance Guidelines and Procedures.

Behaviour Policy

The school has a long history of supporting students to reach their full potential.


We use Go4Schools, a web-based system, to share information with parents and carers about student attendance, behaviour, homework and progress.

Homework and Marking

Below you will find our Homework and Marking Key Principles and Feedback for Progress:

Parents' Evening Booking

To access our parents' evening booking system, please click on this link:

Parent Teacher Association

The Northgate PTA has been in existence for many years and continues to thrive.


SchoolComms is our service provider for electronic communication and payments.

What is OneNote class notebook?

Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook is a quick and easy way for teachers and students to share documents with each other. This can also be downloaded for free by the students. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the video above.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an online platform. It provides opportunities for online face-to-face sessions to enhance learning where it is appropriate. Teachers will notify students of the need to join a Teams meeting via Go4Schools.

What is Go4Schools 6th form?

Go4Schools will be the main means by which class teachers will set tasks and help to structure learning when whole classes or year groups are working at home.

What is Go4Schools?

We use Go4Schools, a web-based system, to share information with parents and carers about student attendance, behaviour, homework and progress. If the school has to close because of a lockdown or if classes/year groups have to isolate, Go4Schools is the way in which work will be set for students.

Can students email their teachers?

Students can email their teachers if they are struggling with work that has been set on Go4Schools, or if they cannot access the resources they need to study effectively at home. Guidance on the format of email addresses can be found below. Email address guidance.

School emails – Gmail

When adding the account to a personal device select “Google” as the account type

Cover Requests

Username = School Username (if you are using a windows computer ensure you input ict\username) Password = School Password


Password is separate from school account. Request password reset is available on the login page

Why is parental involvement important?

We believe that parental involvement is essential for children to succeed in school, and encourage all parents to become participants in their child’s educational journey. Parents are a child's first and most important teachers.

Can you use PowerSchool with more than one parent?

Creating your parent PowerSchool account is only done once can be used by more than one parent . Your account connects you to your student and will be used throughout their K-12 experience at Northgate.

When did Ipswich School get its own governing body?

From the time of this first scheme, amendments, modifications, and new schemes have followed at intervals. In the late 1890s the Grammar School, now known by the name of Ipswich School, was given its own separate governing body, the ‘Ipswich School Foundation’.

When was the Northgate School Foundation established?

This 1932 Amended Scheme is the last of its kind to precede the setting up of the Northgate (Schools) Foundation in 1960 . There was statutory change in the interval in the shape, particularly, of the major post-war Education Act of 1944.

What is the Ipswich Endowed Schools Foundation?

In common with those of many of our old chartered boroughs, the governing body of Ipswich had, by the late eighteenth century, become a self-perpetuating ‘close corporation’, inefficient, unrepresentative of the changing town, and tainted by corrupt practices and conduct.

When was the Ipswich Port Authority endowment given?

Two such endowments have since entrusted to the Foundation. The first was received in 1990 , when the Ipswich Port Authority donated £5,000 in memory of the late John Evelyn, who had been. its long-serving Chief Executive and who was a former pupil of Northgate School.

What is the Northgate Foundation?

The Foundation, named at first the Northgate Schools Foundation, came into being early in 1960, its purpose and its responsibility being to govern and administer those charitable funds of Ipswich which have been dedicated to general educational objects.

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