parent portal for mesa public schools

by Lisandro Swift Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

What is a Parent Portal account used for?

Parent portal accounts are used to: View your child's grades Re-enroll for the next school year Establishing your MyMPS account is easy! Please visit the school office to pick up your activation key. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions.

What can I do in the parent portal?

The Parent Portal gives parents and guardians access to: View your child’s grades, transcript and MCA results. See your child’s schedule. Monitor your child's attendance. Communicate with your child’s teachers. Stay current on homework, projects and deadlines.

Do I need More than one portal account for each child?

Each parent only needs one portal account, regardless of the number of children enrolled or their grade levels. If you can't see all your children, please contact the school of the child you don't see.

How do I Register my child to the parent portal?

Check your email account for the confirmation key (numbers or letters) as you will need it only the first time you login to the Parent Portal. Log into the Parent Portal and enter the confirmation key. This completes the Parent Portal registration process.



Parent involvement is crucial to student academic success. The Parent Portal is a tool for you to stay informed and engaged in your child’s education. The Parent Portal gives parents and guardians access to:

Getting Started with the Parent Portal (Video)

Empezando con el Portal de Padrews: Vídeo | Instrucciones Los pib nrog rau qhov Niamtxiv Portal: Video | Cov lus qhia Sida ay Ku Bilaabayaan Waalidka Parent Portal-Ka: Fiidiyoowga | Tilmaamaha

To open a new Parent Portal account

You will need an email account on record with your child's school. If you don't already have one, Gmail and Yahoo are some examples of free services.

What is IDEA using for its virtual classroom?

IDEA Public Schools is using Microsoft Teams – a software that is safe, secure, and provides multiple options for learning.

What is a virtual classroom?

IDEA’s Virtual Classrooms are Internet-based “rooms” where students will receive lessons through video, attend class with the teacher, assignments, take quizzes, or other ways their teachers have decided to support their Distance Learning.

How is this different than a typical IDEA classroom?

The biggest difference is our students will be coming to class from the safety of their own homes!

What should we do when we log in?

When your child first logs in, they should be greeted by the classes they have been enrolled in by their teachers. Clicking on the class allows the student to begin interacting with their lessons immediately – but please consult the daily schedule for specifics.

How can I or my child get technical support if we are having issues?

Our technical support team is standing by! Please use the button on this website to submit a ticket for assistance.

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