pay school fees online parent portal

by Mr. Deshaun Jast III Published 10 months ago Updated 8 months ago

What is PaySchools online?

PaySchools® makes it possible for all schools to offer parents the convenience of online purchasing without incurring large administration or setup costs. Parents access PaySchools® through a link on the home page of their school district’s Web site.

What is PaySchools?

PaySchools® is an online payment processing system that provides schools with an easy and efficient method to collect fees and receive electronic payments for school lunches, field trips, registration, prom tickets, T-shirts and any other school-related fees.

What is PayForit for parents?

PayForIt also makes it easier for parents to track, manage, and pay school fees. They can clearly see which fees are due for each student and keep school lunch accounts loaded with funds so there’s no more forgotten lunch money or missed activity payments. PayForIt allows parents to:

What is PFI in school?

PayForIt (PFI) is a secure, web-based solution that lets schools and school districts easily manage funds and fee collection online for food services, activities, fundraisers, after school programs, registrations, and more. With PayForIt, you can become a cashless school.

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