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by Amaya White Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

Just got my first A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys I can't believe it. I just got the call and was accepted to the first DO school I interviewed at! I can't thank everyone in this thread enough (MCAT resources, interview tips, etc). Im actually gonna be a doctor...unreal

Having physician parents is a bigger advantage than most people think

Just moved to a new city a few months back for a research position. I'm working (more than) full-time and I have been struggling my (dump truck btw) ass off trying to make connections so I can shadow literally any specialty. I'm going insane because of this.

Got the highest grade on my biochem exam and have nobody to tell

Sorry for the brag post but i just broke up with my girlfriend and don’t have anyone to really talk to anymore. This is the first good thing that has happened to me all week. 99/100 with average of 64% :)

Where my interview invites at

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