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by Clark Becker III Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

What are Prince William County’s new attendance boundaries for 2021-22?

With the 13th high school under construction, Prince William County School Board has approved new attendance boundaries for the 2021-22 school year that will impact 11,101 students at five schools in the western side of the county.

How will Prince William County high school boundary changes impact students?

Prince William County high school boundary changes to make room for the 13th high school (green) will impact students at Battlefield (purple), Brentsville (orange), Osbourn Park (yellow), Patriot (blue) and Stonewall Jackson (red). The dark blue borders reflect existing boundaries.

How do you get public input in school boundary planning?

Public input will be obtained through the use of boundary planning committees for elementary and middle school boundary planning. Boundaries for high schools, due to their complex nature, will be developed in the most appropriate manner as determined by the Superintendent. Public input will be included in this process."

What is the school boundary process?

The school boundary process is governed by Policy 264 and Regulation 264-1, which can be viewed at the following links: "School boundaries for each school are established by the School Board based on the need to provide for instructional effectiveness and the health, safety, and general welfare of all students.

How much did the Stonewall Jackson boundaries increase?

The new boundaries increase the percentage of minority students at Stonewall Jackson from 80.8% to 88.6%; increase the number of economically disadvantaged students from 50.7% to 59.9%, and increases the number of English learner students from 18.7% to 22.1%.

What percentage of Brentsville students are minority?

Brentsville will not see any changes in its demographics. The school is slated to remain at 37.5% minority, 14.4% students who are economically disadvantaged and 4.3% of its students who are English learners.

New school will impact students at Stonewall Jackson, Patriot and Battlefield high schools

Colored boundaries are the proposed changes with the opening of the 13th high school. The current boundaries are shown in blue outlines.

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What schools are affected by boundary changes?

Boundary changes may impact students who reside in the attendance areas for Beville, Graham Park, Hampton, Fred Lynn, Potomac, Rippon, Saunders, or Woodbridge Middle Schools.

When is the second community meeting in Potomac Shores?

The second community meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 2, 2020, in the Freedom High School auditorium. More information on the boundary process can be found on the “Potomac Shores” boundary portal. Disponible en español – Portal de Potomac Shores haga clic aqui.

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