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by Miss Melyssa Herzog PhD Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

How many students are in each class at shellypark?

This consists of 3 pod classes (16,17,18) and 3 field classes (15, 20,21). There is an average of 25 students per class. Helen Rolfe – Team Leader – Room 17 –

Who is the senior teacher at shellypark school?

Laura Tomlinson – Senior Teacher – Room 18 – Homework tasks will be allocated on a regular basis throughout this year with children expected to complete them on a weekly or scheduled basis .

What happens when students leave Shelly Park?

When students leave Shelly Park our aim is that they have grown into confident, caring, connected community contributors. Read more… P.Grad.Dip.Ed.Ld.,B.Ed



A Ministry of Education approved enrolment scheme operates to control enrolment.

Cohort Entry

Children will start school with Cohort entry at the start of term or midterm closest to their 5 birthday, or the beginning of a later term (decided by school policy). NOTE: The precise mid-term dates for each term are set by the ministry and published in the gazette and Ministry of Education website.

Cohort Entry Dates for 2022

Your child MUST be 5 years old before the cohort entry point. For example, if your child turns 5 on January 31, 2022, then they will be able to start school at Cohort Entry 1. If your child was to turn 5 on the 5th of February 2022 they would need to start school at Cohort Entry 2.

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