upland high school parent portal

by Mr. Camryn Cremin III Published 1 year ago Updated 6 months ago

What is Upland High?

Upland High students are enrolled in a full course load from Oxford Virtual Academy. Upland High provides a space, daily schedule, and guidance through those classes to empower students to work more efficiently on their school work.

What does literacy mean to Upland High students?

In addition, Upland High students will take an in-person class called the Literacy Core. In our program, we are using a broad definition of literacy to talk about teaching basic skills really well. No matter what field a person goes into, they will be required to read, write, speak, or listen as some critical part of their job.

How do I login to the parent portal?

The main place to login to the parent portal is from the homepage. Please visit the links to the left for walk-throughs of some of the resources with Aeries


What is Upland High School?

Upland High is a new hybrid program between Oxford Virtual Academy and Upland Hills School. Upland High combines virtual and in-person learning to give highly motivated students the tools for success in high school and beyond!

How often does Upland High meet?

Upland High Will meet several days a week while maintaining a regular virtual schedule to easily pivot should in-person meetings become impossible

Is Upland High School a virtual school?

Students at Upland High Will be fully enrolled in a virtual curriculum while also learning VALUABLE lifelong skills in efficient organization, productively working with peers, and building strong reading and writing habits

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